Put your favorite fragrance on your phone.

Clean, long and lasting.

A fragrance is never visible, but can move us into feeling wonderful, safe, unique, or sexy. With design we can honor scent and accompany it from its well to our nose.

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Stonework Perfume

from €41,30

Our perfume concept


  • Pick your favorite perfume & newly purchased perfume case.
  • Spray the ceramic coin 2 or 3 times on both sides. Let dry for 1 minute in between each spray, repeat as needed.
  • Insert the coin in the back of your case. Voila!

Clean and safe.

Your case, or your phone, don’t need to be sprayed with perfume. Electronics don’t find liquids too much fun. And personally, we don’t like stickiness on our accessories.
Our secret is in a special coin that is especially designed to hold and spread fragrances. By spraying the ceramic coin, the scent is only applied where it is safe and secure.

Lasts for weeks.

For 3-4 weeks, your phone will give off this beautiful bouquet you picked. The round coin is made out of a ceramic material that retains the perfume and spreads it slowly but surely, day after day. Subtle or strong: it’s up to you and your personality how much to spray. You can always spray it again.
Wait! Change of scent? Just get a new coin and spray spray spray.


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