Bringing 3D art ideas to your accessories

Something you use daily does not have to be a dime a dozen.  We see each necklace or phone case as a small wearable art piece , and pay attention to details.  We think of every product as a sculpture, and love to run our hands over its layers, feeling its texture and polishing on our skin.

For 7 years we have been pioneers in bringing 3D art ideas to accessories we use daily. In 2009, when 3D printing was not known to the general public yet, Freshfiber were the first brand to sell fully 3D printed products in retail stores worldwide. We are proud of our large community of pioneer customers who have worn our cases, jewelry, or own our lights and home decor pieces.

Every person is unique. So all our products are unique.

Fitting a product to a person is more than picking the right style. It's fitting it to your life, and expressing your story and beliefs. Let’s go into a design experience together to get to know- and embed-  your personality, your name, your stories, your moments that matter, into your accessory. In designing them together, they become YOUR products, even before you start using them.

Create a memorable product with us, for yourself or your friends. Some phone cases have a serial number embedded in their design so you can find out which, of a particular collection, you own. Made to fit means made to order. Made to order means we have no stock. Every production partner we work with understands that and are experts in producing just what is needed, and not more :-)

Yeah but who are you ?

Christian Dijkhof
The guy.

Matthijs Kok
Head of Design guy.

Rutger Valk-van de Klundert
UI/UX, technical and e-commerce guy.

Charada Ferdinandus
Marketing girl.

We have our studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We work with an international network of designers, engineers, and lifestyle brands, and a community of more than 300,000 pioneer customers and followers.

Telephone number:+31202394707
KVK number:66122996
Registered address:Burmanstraat 34-0
1091SK , Amsterdam
Office address:Korte Koningsstraat 24-A
1011GA , Amsterdam
VAT number:NL8564.04.196.B.01


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