Manufacturing more elegantly | 3D printing eliminates the need for us to create a new plastic injection mold every time we come up with a new idea or design. We can produce smaller quantities of personalized and special designs, without manufacturing more than is required. In this way, we avoid spilling both precious material and energy on stock that would otherwise end up in a warehouse. Whatever we think of, it was tailor made just for you.
Designing | Artists derive their inspiration from all sorts of sources. We feel that the strongest designs, breathe a vision or message which they want to get across. A good idea with a strong message, implicit or explicit, is the basis for all our designs. The next step is turning the idea into a product. Here, besides making a beautiful product, our team ensures that the design is also robust, durable and easy to use.
Testing | We love what we make and make what we love. We continuously rethink try and use our own products daily. We make sure to get the full experience firsthand and test if our ideas need improvement. Finally, before releasing any design, we submit it to a very strict series of strength- and durability tests to make sure you will receive get the finest of quality.
Material | Nylon fiber is strong, flexible and durable. It has been widely used in the electronics-, car- and even in the aviation industry. We are set to incorporate those features in our products so it can be used for your daily accessories. Because of the way we manufacture, our products have a subtle texture which gives it a characteristic finish. It combines the soul of wood and the flexibility of leather. This makes it nice to the touch while it still is easy to take out quickly when you need your phone.

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